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The Blessing of Boredom

When have you ever been thrilled to find yourself bored?

I’m sure your answer is NEVER!

Well, my hope is that this article will change that for you.

If you are anything like me you probably came to this world with a big plan and vision for yourself. And, chances are, you’ve most likely thought you had to alter your plans and vision over the course of your life. Perhaps you’ve even forgotten about them to some degree. You may have chalked your childhood dreams up to… “Yeah, I was little then and naive and had no idea how the world really works.”

When I was younger I wanted to save all the children in the world; making sure they all felt loved and were taken care of. I imagined traveling around the country where I’d find empty houses that they could live in and even imagined finding people who would like to be their parents. I could see myself doing what felt right in my heart.

And, in retrospect, I can honestly tell you that the little girl inside us really had it right! The reason you may be feeling bored with your life right now, and why I used to, is because that little girl inside you is not enjoying the fruits of her vision. She is not allowed to do her thing. In other words, the feeling you have is due to the fact that you have settled for what is safe and comfortable instead of allowing your inner child to run free. You’re not allowing yourself to see life as simply as your inner child sees it.

A famous saying in the transformation industry is:
“If you are not scared shitless by your vision, you are not dreaming big enough.”

Now… I can hear all the voices in your head object and say, “What if my dream is to stop world hunger or end sex trafficking or stop environmental pollution… how in the world will I ever do that? And how in the world will I not end up running out of money, be homeless or killed by the opposing side?”

Well, here’s the thing. One very important Spiritual Law states that nothing in the universe was created as a half. For every up there is a down, for every left side there is a right side. The feminine can’t exist without the masculine, and a desire for something can’t exist without the possibility of its fulfillment. Everything has an equal and opposite.

Spiritual law also states that when you allow yourself to be who you are, thereby fulfilling your mission, you are living at a high vibrational level. When you live at a high vibrational level, you do not go without. When you allow yourself more goodness, like being yourself, all the other goodness comes with it. You are the cause. And everything happens as a consequence of what you have become. You are simply allowing the goodness and pleasure of your fulfillment. When you have learned to allow yourself that, you will surely also know how to allow yourself to have money, other resources, and, most importantly, love. And the fact is you are universally connected to it. It’s impossible for half of you to struggle and the other half of you to be in high vibrational state. You can only be in one state or another at any single moment. Never both at once. You can only be in faith or fear. And only you can decide.

So, to respond to the voices in your head that are saying: “Well, my dreams are nice and good, but how?” The “how” is always solved when you own your power. One step at a time.

Owning your power is not a one-time event; it’s a process and something you can learn and practice. I, myself, am on a mission to help at least 1 million women (and brave men, if they join us) own their power so that, together, we can create a world that works for everyone. YOU included!

Please join me and I’ll give you everything you need to learn how to own your power.

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