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I think many of us have the the manifesting process backwards, so I speak passionately about EMOTIONAL HEALING, TRUTH and TRANSFORMATION: getting clear on what’s holding you back, and putting the power to manifest back into your hands — which is how you create true and lasting change.

Directors assistant at age 15…living on tropical island in a tent for 9 month. Immigrating to the US with $7 in my pocket…beating anorexia and bulimia after 11 years. Love, Business Ventures, celebrations, challenges — I have stories to tell.To Invite Me to speak, please contact us here.



My appearances are part sacred satsang, part pep talk, and usually end with me asking myself why I didn’t become a stand up comoedist instead. I keep people engaged, entertained and feeling oh so loved. I adore Q&A’s, big groups, and beautiful things.

Manifesting expert Carolin Hauser-Carson on The Ripple Effect


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